Saturday, June 17, 2006

Porky Pig Model Sheets

Here's some model sheets of Porky I scanned to keep with the Warner Bros. theme of the last couple of posts.

Classic 1940's design






antikewl said...

Awesome! Thanks for these. :)

Kevin Langley said...

My pleasure. I've got a couple of more Warner Bros posts coming up. I'll be moving onto the "B" list characters soon.

Robert Hume said...

WOW I have to ask, where in the WORLD do you get all of these!?!? I love this blog, so many great cartoons and old character boards to draw and learn from. :D

Kevin Langley said...

I scanned them from various books that I have and some that I've found over the internet. There's a couple of Tex Avery books that have loads of them. These are from That's All Folks: Warner Bros. Animation Art.

BTW, I really like your blog there some great drawings on there.

MikeMatei said...

nice model sheets!

Marc Deckter said...

That top Porky Pig model sheet is so great!