Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Tex Avery Goodies

I'm a huge fan of Tex Avery's MGM shorts. My favorite cartoon is "The Shooting of Dan Magoo." I thought I'd share some model sheets and layouts. Just give 'em a click for larger pics.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Scene Test (revised 3/30)

I've finised animating some more of this scene. I've still gotta finish that walk cycle. It's kinda boring without color so I'm going to really try and finish up and start inking and "painting" all of this. I threw in the music and sound FX to give me a better idea of how the scene will play. I'm pretty happy with the little parts that are fully animated, the end when Goob zips off the screen is nice and stretchy. As always any comments/critiques are appreciated. If anyone wants more Tex Avery layouts let me know and I'll scan some more from some books I have.

Friday, March 10, 2006

New Pencil Test Goodness (now with music)

I went back and corrected a couple of things. The arm speed was bothering me so I took out an inbetween and started the arm lifting a little later than in the original test. I used Photoshop to edit the files I already had scanned and just separated the arms from the original drawings and dropped them on later frames. It seems better to me. This time the test is a Flash file even though I'm not using Flash. I just imported the avi and published it in order to cut down on the file size. Just give the file second or two to load in it's entirety, I need to find a good free file hosting service. If your wondering, that wonderful music in that background is the beginning to a Yma Sumac song Taki Rari. Yma probably has the most incredible vocal range the world has ever seen, and the music backing her is great. Any critques would be welcome.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Short Pencil Test

Here's a quick pencil test. I've noticed some things I'll change already, the arm movement seems a little slow to me and the wings won't be stationary. I'll post the finished version soon.