Saturday, June 03, 2006

Tom and Jerry - Million Dollar Cat Layouts

Here's some Tom and Jerry layouts from Million Dollar Cat that I saved that used to be on Cartoon Network's site along with screen shots of the finished backgrounds. Why couldn't Cartoon Network have higher resolution pictures? These are amazing drawings, I would kill to have a book of this stuff. You just don't see backgrounds like these in today's shows that's for sure. Though the backgrounds in the Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon are really great, the best ones that have been on television in long time.

The finished paintings of these next two shots are beautiful. I would love to see the originals.


Jenny Lerew said...


Stunning stuff! Thanks for posting it.

Nawell S said...

hey that's a great idea to expose works like that!
It will help us to understand better how to work.
I will also realise my first animation movie soon, called "Chemin de Croah".
Hope to see your movie in the future.