Friday, June 02, 2006

A More Expressive Goober

I've been really spending more time trying to draw better so that this Goober cartoon doesn't end up looking like a total piece of crap. I've kept my copy of Preston Blair's Animation under my sleeve and have been practicing. One the pages has examples of different facial expressions and the instructions to pick a character and draw those same expressions. So I figured I try it out with Goober, here's the results with varying degrees of success.


WIL BRANCA said...

VERY nice, Kevin!

Aggie said...

Not bad at all. I really like the Preston Blair Animation book. I borrowed it from the library because I'm cheap. :P

Kevin Langley said...

Thanks. I have the one with the elephant on the cover but I printed out the pages from the one Stephen Worth posted and have been working from that.