Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Daffy Duck Model Sheets

Here's some Daffy model sheets. As a kid Daffy and Bugs were my favorite characters, they still are but I really have little interest in the cartoons from the mid to late 50's. I mean how horrible was the pairing of Daffy and Speedy Gonzalez? Somewhere along the line Daffy was ruined and turned into a jerk. There's still some funny moments but I prefer Daffy when he was... well, daffy. My favorite Daffy cartoons are "The Great Piggy Bank Robbery" and "Yankee Doodle Daffy", they're hilarious.

A 1937 animation drawing by Bob Clampett


1946-Sketches from Clampett's Book Revue



Anonymous said...

where is the first one from? You know, the color one with the facal expressions in red?

Kevin Langley said...

That one is from the book Warner Bros. Animation Art. It's a pretty good book but I would recommend That's All Folks:The Art of Warner Bros. Animation over it. That's were most of these Warner's model sheets are from. The Animation Art book is mostly filled with prints of collectible cels. There's some good reading in it too though.

Marc Deckter said...

It's funny, I found that "Animation Art" book on the Barnes&Nobles sale rack for like $6 about 5 years ago. But I agree with Kevin, the "That's All Folks" book has tons more.

Thanks for another great post!

Kevin Langley said...

5 or 6 bucks?!? Nice find, I never have any luck at boook stores. My wife bought it a long time ago at full price for me at a Warner Bros store. Though I only paid 8 bucks for a perfect condition copy of That's All Folks. I guess that balances out a little. Hell, I got Tex Avery:Les Dessins on Ebay for $16. Brand new and still sealed/bagged. It pops up there once in awhile.