Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Preston Blair's Animation 1st Edition

Recently, Stephen Worth posted the 1st edition of Preston Blair's animation book on the Animation Archive Project Blog. This first edition uses MGM characters as opposed to the generic characters used in later printings. After sketching from it I noticed some of the drawings are directly lifted from different MGM model sheets. So I figured I'd post the pages of the book that contain drawings lifted from the model sheet and the actual model sheet with the same drawing.

Page 14 has drawings from 3 different model sheets.

Page 15 contains drawings from the model sheets for "Screwy Truant" and "Hick Chick".

Page 19 has drawings from this Jerry model sheet.

Page 12 is very similar to this model sheet from Tom and Jerry.

The Wolf's take is from this "Swing Shift Cinderella" model sheet.

Marc Deckter compares the original printing with his own copy on his blog Duck Walk. Over at the Inspiration Grab-Bag, Clark Snyde posted screen grabs from the cartoons that Preston Blair animated which were used as examples in the book.


Anonymous said...

thanks for posting all this stuff. even King Crab, which I've wanted to see forever.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff here. I guess even the best were inspired. Animators ar elike programmers, reuse and modular development is key to stretching productivity.

Unknown said...

This is GREAT, very helpful indeed.



Anonymous said...

its awesome to see this all the stuffs and i am finding it near by 6 year's.....