Thursday, May 04, 2006

Barney Bear

Here's a Barney Bear cartoon I uploaded titled Cobs and Robbers, released in 1953 and directed by Dick Lundy. I enjoy his Barney Bear cartoons the most, though Preston Blair and Michael Lah's are quite good also. Dick Lundy directed a lot of cartoons for Walter Lantz including my favorite Woody Woodpecker cartoon, Drooler's Delight. I'd like to thank Amid at Cartoon Brew for the plugs. The cartoons I've posted for the most part aren't available on DVD and unfortunately it seems likely they'll stay that way for some time. A lot more people watched them through Cartoon Brew than here so it makes sharing them worthwhile.


MikeMatei said...

I have to get my hands on all the carl barks drawn Barney Bear dell comics. btw have any of the jiminy cricket saftey films for schools from the 60's? love to see those again..

Kevin Langley said...

I'll troll some newsgroups and see if I can dig any of those comics up. Unfortunately I don't have any of the safety films. I remember those. If I dig any up I'll post them.