Saturday, May 20, 2006

More Dick Lundy

I've been going back lately and watching more Dick Lundy cartoons and he's fast becoming one of my favorite directors. The pace of his cartoons at MGM is much slower than Tom and Jerry and Tex Avery but he seems to still load up on the gags. Plus, he had some great animators working for him, Michael Lah and Walt Clinton from Tex' unit. Coincidentally, Mark Mayerson has posted a letter from Dick Lundy on his blog that he used for a history of MGM cartoons article he wrote. Check it out here. Here's two of my favorite Dick Lundy cartoons, Woody Woodpecker in Drooler's Delight and Barney Bear in Sleepy Time Squirrel.


Duck Dodgers said...

I'm not able to watch these two cartoons.

Kevin Langley said...

I had them set to private on Youtube. Whoops. Try again.

Thad said...

It's a shame you only own the TV print of Drooler's Delight. It cuts off arguably one of Calker's best scores.

- Thad