Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bob Clampett's Tokyo Woes

Here's a cartoon made around 1945 by Bob Clampett for the U.S. Navy. It's star Mr.Hook who was created by Hank Ketcham while at Lantz studios. This cartoon is included on the Cartoon For Victory DVD. Pick it up if you can, there's some Private SNAFU on there including Clampett's Booby Traps. John K. provides commentary on 4 cartoons. I've never heard anyone talk so enthusiastically about cartoons as him, especially when it's a Clampett cartoon. It's a lot of fun to listen to, he's sounds like he's gonna jump out of his seat. Here's some screen grabs of a scene animated by Manny Gould, according to John on the commentary. I love the broad gestures, there's always a limb or two flailing about. These drawings are hilarious.


Pedro Vargas said...

My God! What an absolutely amazing cartoon! I have to get this DVD and look and listen to those John K. commentaries! (by the way, out of all the audio commentaries I've heard, John does 'em the best!)

Kevin Langley said...

The other Hook cartoons are pretty good too plus the SNAFU cartoons, it's worth it. You can't beat a good Clampett cartoon.