Friday, November 09, 2007

Barney Bear - "Heir Bear"

Another fine Dick Lundy short with the usual great animation by Grant Simmons, Michael Lah and Walter Clinton.


Greg said...

Hey Kevin, that was a great Barney Bear animation! The gags were timed just perfect and I must admit even though I have watched this piece numerous times, I still find myself laughing at the animations. The classics sure bring such excellence to the forefront, it will be awesome when we return to the art of the classics but with animations from new artists and new directors. With the bear activity in Lake Tahoe California since the wildfire, I am thinking a new animation with a bear is needed!

Well my friend thanks for keeping this blog updated with great stuff, you are a great asset to the animation world!

Peace out dude,

Kasey said...

Great cartoon. The Dick Lundy Barney Bear cartoons are really underrated. :)
Any chance U have Impossible Possum? I've only seen a brief clip of that one.

Thad said...

Looks like they were stuck for an ending with this one.

John Guy said...

That has some great visual gags. I love when the bear blows his head off.