Friday, November 02, 2007

Baby Huey - "Git Along Lil' Duckie"

I mentioned in the Three Bears post my love for overgrown cartoon morons. Well, here's a cartoon of another of my favorites, Baby Huey. Marty Taras animates the beginning scene of Huey and his mother, ain't he great? Plus there's some great backgrounds by Robert Connavale.


Thad said...

I love this one!
My favorite piece of Marty Taras animation is in this one, from when the fox dives into the tree stump to jumping into the waterhole.
Excellent drawing and phrasing, everything that makes his animation great is present.

Anonymous said...

Good choice of a moronic character. I just love how nothin' can harm Baby Huey no matter what you do to him!

MikeSnj said...

Haven't seen this in years. Awesome.