Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Art Davis - "Holiday For Drumsticks"

Happy Thanksgiving all! I hope everyone enjoys the holiday. Let's all give thanks to Art Davis and company for making this great Daffy cartoon, "Holiday For Drumsticks". Is Phil DeGuard not one of the greatest background painters ever? I love his paintings on Davis' shorts.


Anonymous said...

What a great Art Davis cartoon (as usual). Ma and Pa's eye designs sure add to their personalities. The "waddling" animation with Pa is really fun to watch (not to mention Davis's take on that "in-here, in-there" gag from "Tom Turk and Daffy.").

Jan said...

Between the late 30's and early 40's Warner Bros occasionally had real-life colour photographs in their titlecards. I remember a cartoon with Bugs where they had a photograph of sand and seashells in the titlecard... here they have an appetising Thanksgiving meal. They later stopped doing this, which is a shame. Anyone else think the same?

Eric Noble said...

Fantastic cartoon. I feel that Art Davis was a very underrated director, even today. He made hilarious cartoons that I've always enjoyed. This cartoon is very funny, also very inventive with the passing days sequence. Great post.