Friday, September 08, 2006

Screwball Squirrel

Here's some models sheets and animation drawings from Tex Avery's "Screwball Squirrel". This is probably one of my favorite cartoons of all time and Screwy's one of the funniest characters. I was dumbfounded when I read that Tex didn't think he was funny, talk about a perfectionist, sheesh. I prefer this earlier design over the one in the later shorts like "Lonesome Lenny", though he does look a little screwier in those other shorts. I can't think of another character who takes such delight in pounding the hell out of his adversary as much as Screwy, he's a little over the top but that what I like about him.


Brett W. Thompson said...

Wow, as usual, some really amazing drawings here :) And I really love looking at these model sheets... Speaking of which, some of the third one looks familiar :D Of course it's awesome to see the original model sheet for that Preston Blair page.

I don't know how you get these model sheets, but thank you for posting them :)

And something about Screwy with that paintbrush is particularly appealing... good line of action maybe?

Kevin Langley said...

Hi Brett, these are just from different books and some of the animation drawings I just downloaded whenever I came across them online.

That drawing of Screwy with paintbrush has a very nice line of action. I'm rather fond of the phone booth drawings. Tons of personality in those drawings.

MikeMatei said...

I actually don't think screwball squirrel is that funny either. but that screwball model sheet is great.