Thursday, September 14, 2006

Foolish Fable-The Dog That Cried Wolf

I'm a really big fan of the cartoons produced at Lantz Studios under Shamus Culhane and Dick Lundy's direction, but only a handful of cartoons that came after their departures. This is one of them though, I really love the wolf's design and his antics througout this cartoon, which was directed by Paul Smith who was an animator under both Lundy and Culhane. Check out Thad K's post of a scence animated by Paul Smith, funny stuff. Enjoy the cartoon.


ryan said...

hahah nice ending

Thad K said...

Gil Turner animated a lot of Dizzy, including the hilarious expression at the end. Funny how he didn't animate much of the wolf seeing as he did a lot of comic book work on Disney's Zeke Wolf.

- Thad