Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Barber of Seville Storyboard

I was going to post these storyboard pictures from Barber Of Seville starring Woody Woodpecker last night but I was tired so I just went to bed. Today, I checked Thad K's blog Animation ID, like I do everyday, and by coincidence he had posted the whole cartoon with the promise of why it's one of the greatest cartoons ever. Which it is. So you can really get you fill of this great cartoon between the two posts. Be sure to check Thad's blog for more incite into this cartoon.

Barber Of Seville was the first Woody cartoon that Shamus Culhane directed. It really shows why he was such a great director. He had a real knack for timing his cartoons to music. He also used this cartoon as an opportunity to employ fast cutting. As the music gets faster through the cartoon he just cuts from one scene to the next faster and faster. Even cutting between just twelve and even as little as six frames without ever losing the viewer. Just watch the cartoon on Thad's blog to see it action. This cartoon also features a more appealing and simplified Woody design care of layout man Art Heinemann. Besides, how could you not love a cartoon with line "The rinky dink with a stinky kink" in it?


Brett W. Thompson said...

Totally fascinating!! :)

I've read Shamus' two books but haven't seen this cartoon before.

You and Thad are just incredible :)

Kevin Langley said...

Animation from Script to Screen is a great book and anyone wanting to learn to animate (like I do) should pick it up. Thad's blog is pretty great and I'm glad you enjoy mine.

Anonymous said...

Is that where the storyboard comes from (Animation from Script to Screen}?

Interesting stuff.

Do you have any modelsheets of Woody or any of the Lantz characters? I have a book with the first Woody modelsheet.

Kevin Langley said...

Is that where the storyboard comes from (Animation from Script to Screen}?

Actually, I think this storyboard is from the Walter Lantz Story. I'll be posting some Lantz model sheets soon too.

Julián Höek said...

amazing post keving!
i'll be looking forward for those lantz model sheets!

Thad said...

Yes those are from "The Walter Lantz Story". The book is pretty sugar-coated as a biography of Lantz rather than a history of the films (which was not Adamson's intention).

- Thad

Kevin Langley said...

Julian- Glad you liked the post.

Mike- Woody is one of the greatest cartoon assholes ever, right alongside Screw Squirrel. I think that's what I love most about him.

Thad- I enjoyed the book but I would've preferred if it was about the studio and it's staff rather than Lantz himself.

Anonymous said...

those drawings look awesome!