Saturday, August 19, 2006

Uncle Tom's Cabana

Here's some really cool model sheets and animation drawings of Uncle Tom, Simon Legree, and 'Lil Eva from Tex Avery's classic Uncle Tom's Cabana. Plus I've added a couple of color scans of 'Lil Eva, some great poses. I'm working on putting together a sort of pseudo Red model sheet using pics from various pencil drawings. It's nothing great but I'm trying to catch different angles so those (like me) who want to draw her have a decent reference. I'll post that possibly in the next week or so.


Sam L. said...

i love this short! The ending was great.

Dennis said...

Thanks so much for posting these model sheets and pencil drawings. Uncle Tom's Cabana was a great cartoon, and now I'll be able to draw from it, too!

Anonymous said...

Cool stuff. Where did the pencil drawings come from?

Great stuff as always.
Glad you sharing with us.

Kevin Langley said...

The pics of Red are probably from one of those animation art galleries and the other's are from a couple of books, Tex Avery:MGM Years and Les Dessins.