Friday, August 11, 2006

Cartoon-"The Tree Surgeon"

Here's a classic cartoon, "The Tree Surgeon" directed by George Gordon while at MGM and released in June of 1944. This is one of the half dozen cartoons he directed there in the mid 40's. I would have liked to have seen his unit make more cartoons, he had good animators in Ed Barge, Arnold Gillespie, Jack Carr and Michael Lah and there's some good gags in his cartoons. I would really love to see a DVD set of MGM cartoons that were not directed by anyone named Avery or Hanna and Barbera. The Harman/Ising, Gordon, Blair/Lah, and Lundy shorts are all beautifully animated and of high quality. But if we can't even get a Tex Avery release outside of France I doubt that would ever happen. Enjoy the cartoon!


Anonymous said...

Why is George Gordon not credited? Was it because he had left the studio by the time it was released, or something?

Kevin Langley said...

I was wondering that myself. He's not credited on any of the Barney Bear shorts he directed either. It's odd that they bothered to credit that animators but not the director. Did George Gordon leave MGM on bad terms? I also noticed Fred Quimby wasn't credited either. Maybe if Thad or Amid stops by one of them will have an answer.

Anonymous said...

Wow...what a friggin' bizarre cartoon. There's just the whole thing. It is pretty though.