Saturday, April 02, 2011

Tom and Jerry - Rexall Magazine Cover

Just to make up for yesterday's horrible Tom and Jerry post, here's a great picture of Tom and Jerry from the April 1949 issue of Rexall magazine.


Steven M. said...

Ahhh....much better.

Dlove4u2 said...


bgrauman said...

I don't know what the tie-in with Rexall Drugs was, but Tom & Jerry seemed an unusual choice for their magazine cover. Now, if they had sponsored a Saturday morning "Tom & Jerry" radio show at the time....

....and I can imagine a "sitcom" format with fantasy and "unusual" adventures, and appropriate voices to match-

BILL JOHNSTONE: Uh, oh! Looks like Tom's not quite himself. Did he just walk right into Jerry's mouse hole?
TOM: All right, you no account rodent! I'm going to-
JERRY: Tom! How did you get to be as big as me?
TOM: Don't change the subject! I'm going to grab you by the scruff of your neck and...hey....I CAN grab you by the scruff of your neck! And I'm looking you right in the face!! What gives?
JERRY: Don't look now, but you're a mouse-sized pussycat!
JERRY: And your ears are getting bigger...
TOM: (mournfully) I wish the rest of me was! If my friends could see me now...
JERRY: And your tail's getting thinner...
TOM: What???
JERRY: And your fur's turning mine. Gee, I don't believe it!! I think I know what's happening to you.
TOM: Don't tell me, don't tell me!!! (pause) Well go ahead and tell me, I can't stand the suspense!!!
JERRY: Tom...remember when I told you that you MIGHT be suffering from "mouse-itis"?
TOM: And I said "that's a lot of hooey"!!
JERRY: Not to you-ey!
TOM: What do you mean-ey?
JERRY:'ve become the first cat- ever- to turn into a MOUSE!
TOM: Sure, I'd like to be Gorgeous George, too, but you don't see me- A MOUSE??? Gimme a mirror!!!
JERRY: Here you go....
TOM: Whose face is this??? Where's MINE?? All I see is a mouse with a.....AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
JERRY: (to audience) I don't think Tom's taking this rather well. Maybe we ought to have some music while he's adjusting to this. What do you think, Mr. Johnstone?
BILL JOHNSTONE: I think you're right, Jerry. Let's listen to Scott Bradley and the Rexall Orchestra as they play, "24 Hours of Sunshine"....


"Good Health To All From Rexall!".

cartoonjoe said...

Now you know, I'D listen to THAT show!!a;-)

Unknown said...

That's just beautiful! Who drew it?