Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Quick Draw McGraw - "Chopping Spree"

Here's a real funny Quick Draw short written by Mike Maltese. As much as love early Hanna-Barbera, not very many make me laugh out loud. This one is an exception. The villian kind reminds me of Wilbur Cobb from Ren and Stimpy. Of course Cobb's design is much funnier. For all things H-B be sure to go to Yowp's blog. It's the ginchiest. For some reason the sound goes out of sync towards the end. I've uploaded it twice and it keeps doing it. I guess when it gets re-encoded something goes wrong. Oh well.

Uploaded by klangley


Yowp said...

I wish I could do more Quick Draws on the blog but I've been dealing with versions with washed-out colours and the ever-popular WE'RE PLUGGING OUR CHANNEL WITH THIS BUG OVER THE CARTOON YOU'RE WATCHING NOW.

See how annoying those are, dimwit TV executives and consultants?

Despite that, I've replaced the screen caps (now you know what I do on my holidays) in the last Quick Draw I posted with better quality ones and hope to do a few more. Unfortunately, a lot of the music will have to be left unidentified because I don't have it.

A shame we'll likely see some dreck like Baby Jetsons on DVD before these really funny cartoons.


Steve C. said...

I like the stock music used here. Under the narration and intro of the "damsel in distress", there's a [Phil Green?]-composed melodramatic melody that's a particular favorite of mine, and the heroine is named Peachy Cobbler or something.

PJS said...

Ha! That was a very entertaining episode!

Raven M. Molisee: said...

I love Quick Draw.. My mom has this story about me when I was a kid. Apparently I bonked my brother over the head with her favorite acoustic guitar. However.. not before the war cry "El Kabong!"