Saturday, December 19, 2009

Chuck Jones - "Rocket-bye Baby"

This 1956 Chuck Jones cartoon has some great layouts by Ernest Nordli.


Eric Noble said...

I like that cartoon. The layouts has a magazine cartoon feel to it, almost like Hank Ketcham. Did Ernest Nordli work at Disney at some point? I only ask because Hank Ketcham used to work at Disney. I wonder if Nordli was influenced by Ketcham.

This film also a very funny and entertaining cartoon. Thanks for putting it up.

Kevin Langley said...

Yes Eric, he did work at Disney. He was a layout artist before going over to Warners.

Bill said...

Great cartoon. Chuck Jones always put a modern feel to his films.
Thanks for posting it.

Yowp said...

Everyone talks about the witch cartoon he did (I think it was Broomstick Bunny) but these are great, too.

I was surprised to see his name pop up on a Hanna-Barbera cartoon (I think it was an Augie) about 1961.


Matt Jones said...

Another beauty!

Unknown said...

Hey, Kevin! Long time, no see! :D
How've you been lately? I've got a new blog with my drawings in it. If you're interested, here's the link:

But to keep on topic, this was one of my favorites from Chuck's 1950's period simply for the sake of his drawing style. But the backgrounds you posted are simple, but lovely. Love the whole cartoon period. :)

Steve C. said...

And, particuarly Yowp bringing this up, Augie Doggie had a remake of this, "High and Flighty", but with a different ending. And the sole writer for Augie? MIke Maltese [and for co-residents Snooper and Blab and Quick Draw and Baba].

Too bad the video got deleted.


rnigma said...

This was a favorite of mine ... the weak point was when the camera lingered on the letter from Sir U Tan way too long (instead of having it read aloud).
And the dad falling from the rooftop is startling - unlike similar scenes with Wile E. Coyote, you doubt that he'll survive (luckily he wakes up at this point)!