Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Popeye Model Sheets

I received the Popeye Volume 3 DVD as a gift and have been enjoying it immensely. I wasn't as familiar with the wartime era shorts so some of the cartoons are new to me. I forgot that I have model sheets that I haven't gotten around to posting. These were sent to me by the Masked Stinker so let's all give him a big thanks for sending them. THANKS! Update: Also, many thanks to Bob Jaques for sending me a much higher quality version of the model sheet below. The copy I had was a tease, you couldn't really make out the details on these great poses.


Anonymous said...

Man, Kevin! Just when I think I've got enough model sheets for my Xeroxed Animation Bible, I find this!

God bless ya, man!

Kevin Langley said...

I hope you stop back and save the model sheet Bob sent over. It's so much better than the copy I had.

Jack G. said...

Excellent, a higher quality model sheet
and some of the ones I sent ya.

Glad to see 'em.

Belated Happy New Year to ya Mr Langley!

Kevin Langley said...

Thanks again Stinker, and a Happy New Year to you too.

Anonymous said...

Say, Kevin, where can I find a good, inexpensive lightbox?

Anonymous said...

High quality!