Wednesday, January 28, 2009

MGM - "The Hungry Wolf"

"The Hungry Wolf" has some great animation in it, then again most of the MGM shorts from the Harman/Ising period on do. I love the scene when the wolf is chasing the mouse and tearing up the floor. Who incidentally, looks like a precursor to Jerry. Think Joe Barbera worked on this short? I don't know who animated that scene or any other for that matter. My knowledge of the Harman/Ising era is pretty limited and what I did know I have since forgotten. My books have been collecting dust in a box.

Looks a little like Jerry huh?


Duck Dodgers said...

The design of the wolf in "I got plenty of Mutton" is almost the same of this one though.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what sort of bird the rabbits cooked.

Ricardo Cantoral said...

That is a very cute wolf design.

Anonymous said...

By the way, that's Mel Blanc doing the voice of the wolf.

Jack G. said...

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J. J. Hunsecker said...

Although the animation is up to the usual high MGM standards (with their usual amount of too much detail), my two favorite shots are of background paintings -- the one of the close up on the Wolf's eye, with the rabbit reflected in it, and the one of the rabbit lying on a plate.

The story has the usual Harmon-Ising sentimentality to it. Just a few years later and this type of plot would be used for slapstick comedy at MGM.

Chris Sobieniak said...

the one of the close up on the Wolf's eye, with the rabbit reflected in it

That was a cool background!

Being reminded I tried to bid on that drawing of the wolf character I saw on eBay a while back, shame I lost on it.

David said...

Look at this:

Bill Tytla (yes!) drawings from "The Hungry Wolf" .

Who knew ?


Kevin Langley said...

@David, I had no idea he spent any time at MGM. Beautiful drawings Michael posted.