Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tex Avery - "Red Hot Rangers"

I just noticed the other day that it's been two years (this Wednesday) since I started this blog. It doesn't seem like I've been blogging that long. I originally started this blog to post drawings and clips from a short that I was working on. I was inspired by Wil Branca and Nick Cross' production blogs, but quickly realized that I need to really work on improving my drawing ability and practice animating before I would have been happy with any of the work I was doing. (I'm still working at it) I started posting model sheets from some classic shorts to just post something in between my crap. Thanks to links early on from Thad, John K., Amid, Mark Mayerson, and the Animation Archive blog (thanks guys!!) people actually started reading this blog, or at least looking at the pictures since I say very little. It's been great "meeting" fellow bloggers like Thad, Ryan, David, Benj, Pedro, Greg, Craig D, Kasey and plenty of others. Thanks for all the drawing advice that I've been given and all the historical information that's been tossed around here. Even relatives of Jim Tyer and Robert Gentle have visited, very cool. This whole blogging thing has been much more enjoyable than I thought it would be. Thanks everyone!!

Here, enjoy another one of Tex Avery's MGM classics.


Paco said...

Great post once again. I check your blog almost daily for more than a year now. I save most of the modelsheets, screengrabs and stuff you post. It's wonderful and really useful as well for young animators.
I am currently working on an animated short film and by visiting blogs like yours I keep learning more about animation and improving my skills. Keep up the great blog! It's amazing and much appreciated.

Thad said...

Happy anniversary!
So many ass beatings in this one! Greatness.

Andy Latham said...

Congratulations on your 2 years! I'm glad you keep going as the stuff you put on here is invaluable to people like me!

Kasey said...

Happy Anniversary!
Btw, love the ending in that one. "Okay,George, bend over!".

Michael J. Ruocco said...

2 years?! Phew, how time does fly!Congrats, Kev!

Craig D said...

Hey, thanks for the shout-out, Kevin!

Owing to some current scheduling and technological issues I don't get to visit as many sites as I used to, but I always enjoy what you post!

Keep up the good work, my man!

Emmett said...

I just started reading your blog recently. I'd like to see what kind of stuff you work on, since you really have a lot to say about these golden age classics. You've also got a lot of nice images to show here, which accounts for the blog getting attention.

I love Tex Avery's MGM cartoons. Those should be released on a DVD set.

Charlie said...

I don't think I've commented in a really long time, but I read your blog every day, it's great! I'm learning so much from copying those model sheets!


also, when did you meet Tyer relatives?

Kevin Langley said...

Thanks guys.

Jim Tyer's nephew left a comment some time back but left no email. I would love to ask him about his uncle.

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary, Kevin! Who
knew that two years could speed by so quickly. You've left behind a huge treasure chest chock-full of invaluable model sheets and cartoons.

"Jim Tyer's nephew left a comment some time back but left no email. I would love to ask him about his uncle."

I remember seeing that comment as well. It's too bad that Tyer's nephew didn't leave an email. Maybe he'll come back. It's awesome just to see Robert Gentle's relatives post on this blog.

This post reminds me of the Flexxo cartoon you're working on. What's the status on that? It's been exactly two weeks since there has been a post on the Flexxo blog. Gweat (spelling error deliberate) stuff so far.

Ricardo Cantoral said...

Hey Kevin, are you planning something special for Tex's 100th ?

Kevin Langley said...

I was trying to have something for Tex's centennial but I've been having PC troubles. Hopefully I can whip up something special by Tuesday.