Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tex's 100th Birthday

Tex Avery is by far my favorite director, no other director's shorts make me laugh like Tex's. I don't think any other director was as influential as he was. Not even Chuck Jones. I won't try and persuade anyone that Tex is the all time greatest. But for me there's no one better. I wanted to do something really special for Tex's centennial but PC troubles kept me from really putting together a great tribute. But I did manage to finish up a clip reel of scenes from his MGM shorts. (Which for me, are the all time greatest cartoons.) I've spent many hours watching these shorts in chronological order and each one gets funnier and funnier. I think one gets sucked into Tex's "world" when viewing them that way. Anyway, Happy Birthday to the greatest cartoon director of all time.

Tex at the drawing board with Fred Quimby

Tex and Fred Quimby

Tex at Schlesinger's. Tex is second from the left, seated next to a rather large Frank Tashlin.

The Termite Terrace Crew

Tex and musical director extraordinaire, Scott Bradley. (Even though Tex didn't think so)


joshua said...

Let me tell you that this is one of the very best blogs I've ever visited!



Anonymous said...

I'm curious who animated all these beautifull scenes anyway? was it grant simmons?

Kevin Langley said...

Thanks Josh.

Yosemite-Grant Simmons was one of the animators. Walter Clinton, Preston Blair, Ed Love, Bobe Cannon, Michael Lah, Ray Abrams and Louis Schmitt all animated for Tex at MGM. Personally, the unit of Clinton, Simmons, and Lah is my favorite. I wish Bob Cannon had worked on more than just a few shorts for Tex.

Thad said...

Great clip reel! Some all-time favorites in that one.

"Kissed a cow" definitely ranks as one of the best executed lines in film history.

Greg said...

Thank you Kevin for this wonderful collection of clips from Tex truly the best Cartoon Director. I sure enjoyed watching these clips and it makes me want to revisit the Tex Collection you sent to me. I will write to you via an email really soon, I have not been doing well physically, and hopefully on the mend. Thanks again for this great post and for reminding me how old I really am! Gosh Tex's 100th birthday!


Alex said...

Nice post! What's the cartoon with the cowboy who shoots his own gun?

Kevin Langley said...

That's "Homesteader Droopy". Great cartoon.

Michael J. Ruocco said...

Happy 100th Tex!

Great tribute, Kevin.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You've just created the ultimate Tex Avery cartoon, filled with some of the greatest gags ever used in his cartoons. I've always loved the ending of Bad Luck Blackie (with all the objects tumbling down on the dog).

I have never seen those pictures, though. Anyways, nice job on the tribute. Very well-put. That is one of the reasons why I read your awesome blog regularly.

Anonymous said...

Great post about one of my all-time heroes. It strikes me how fresh Tex's work still seems. Unlike most movies and other media from the periode they really haven't aged a bit and the pace and zanyness have still to be bettered.

Hm, I should probably give Ol'Tex a post on my visual storytelling blog some time.


Lluis Fuzzhound said...

Hey Kevin Great Tribute!!! I couldn't stop laughing!!!

congratulations on the great blog!!

Josh 'Hat' Lieberman said...

Hey man

I've wanted to thank you for a long time for putting up all these avery model sheets. I've already copied half of them. His MGM cartoons are the greatest ever made and it's exciting to see them being discussed here.

Thanks for all the hard work.

hobo said...

What's the cartoon with the goofy character being brought in that says, "girls, girls, where's the girls, sure do love 'em, girls?"

Kevin Langley said...

That's one of his best, Little Rural Riding Hood.