Monday, October 22, 2007

Bob McKimson - "A Ham In A Role"

I love McKimson's late 40s and early 50s shorts, they're always good for beatings. The dog in this cartoon really cracks me up especially in Emery Hawkin's scenes.


Kasey said...

Great cartoon. The magnet scene is hysterical. But given that I'm a Davis fan, Two Gophers From Texas is my favorite Gopher short. :)

Unknown said...

I recently considered quoting the end of this cartoon upon encountering a Bebe store...

Anonymous said...

Funny cartoon. I see Sid Marcus is responsible for the story material for this cartoon. I have a question: What scenes did Phil DaLara and Bill Melendez animated? I'm not very familiar with these animators.

Michael J. Ruocco said...

I always knew Melendez for his work on the Peanuts specials. I've only recently discovered that he not only worked at Warner's, but Disney too. He's even got his own website now: . There's you can see his credits & some footage of his work.

Was it Phil DaLara who did those cheap WB cartoons in the 60's, or I'm I getting him confused with somebody else?

Anonymous said...

In reply to:
Kasey (Davis fan from GAC,and Adma, guess who is here,from the Spice girls group!)-Art Davis actually is said to have STARTED that short MUCH like he FINSIHED Bob Clampett's short that was the FIRST Gophers short! The presence of Emery Hawkins as animator and that of Sid Marcus in the story credits would testify to this.

In reply to:
Mike J.R.
No,it wasn't Phil DeLara who did those cheap WB shorts, Robert McKimson for the Daffy/Speedy's, Rudy Larriva(for Format Films, Under Herb KLein), for the Roadrunner thru the mid 1960s then Alex Lovy and then McKimson again.
Steve Carras :)