Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Another Clampett Goody

Here's a cool clip from an idea Clampett had to merge live-action and animation.


Anonymous said...

Well, now we'll know what Yosemite Sam would look like in a Live-Action version of Looney Tunes. ;)

That was one weird experiment, though it was typically Clampett in gags and comedy timing. A shame that it wasn't properly finished up.

cartoonjoe said...

Even in unfinished form, that was a hoot!! (and wasn't that Billy Gilbert as the sherriff?)

John S. said...

I heard about this years ago from Bob Clampett JR of all people. I was doing a little freelance character design for a project he wanted to pitch and he showed me a few of the test stats. Wierd idea. Kind of unsettling.