Monday, December 18, 2006

Joe Barbera (1911-2006)

It saddens me to no end to hear that one of my heros, Joe Barbera passed away today. I can't put into words how much I admire his work and career. His MGM cartoons and early Hanna-Barbera shows are among my favorite cartoons ever created. I can only offer sympathies to his family and friends. Rest In Peace. Here's some pics of Joe at work at MGM and Hanna-Barbera studios, and an early Hanna/Barbera directed MGM cartoon "The Goose Goes South".

Huckleberry Hound crew.

Bill and Joe acting out "Two Little Indians" for Fred Quimby.
Acting out "Mouse In Manhattan".


ryan said...

cool! i wonder why i had never seen this cartoon before.. is it rare?

David Gerstein said...


Sorry to be a party-pooper, but that's an edited version of the cartoon. The original short features several sequences of stereotypical black hillbillies as well as white ones.
Unfortunately, it's edited not only on TV, but also on the recent DVD release.

Kevin Langley said...

Thanks for the info David. I wasn't aware that there were edits to this cartoon.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Kevin. Off topic from this post, but back in June you had mentioned in a comment that you thought you had a copy of the MGM cartoon "Bats in the Belfry". If you have it, could you please post it? I can't seem to find it anywhere, and it is so good!



Kevin Langley said...

Tara- I believe I do have it on disc somewhere. I'll look for it. If and when I find it I'll post it.

Jorge Garrido said...

Joe truly was a legend and his passing is sad. He'll be missed.

Only Bill Melendez is left. :(