Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pixie and Dixie - "Puppet Pals" (w/ music IDs)

I've always had a soft spot for the Huckleberry Hound show even in spite of the drop in the animation quality compared to what most of these guys were doing at MGM. Though this one has some better poses in it than others thanks to Michael Lah's layouts. Also, I've included IDs for the music cues used in this short, though it's mostly a few different ones reused over and over. I'm super nerdy when it comes to those old music cues. I spend way too much time listening to that stuff. "Puppet Pals" mostly uses cues from Jack Shaindlin, my favorite of all the stock music composers, and a couple of Loose/Seely cues. There is one cue that I'm not familiar with, I haven't come across it anywhere, and I have loads of this stuff. If anyone knows please feel free to share. I'm sure there's only a couple of other people out there that give a shit about this sort of thing. I'll move onto some Gumby cues next time.


Frank said...

I like the early Hanna-Barbera cartoons particularly the Flintstones. This cartoon is typical of the early era. Micheal Lah also was an animator at Hanna-Barbera along with Ken Muse, Carlo Vinci, and Lew Marshall. While Lew Marshall was a rather weak animator, his animations is helped by Mike Lah's layouts. Lew Marshall started animating in 1955 on the T&J cartoons. His animation in some ways is reminiscent of Ray Patterson's animation. He probably was Ray Patterson's assistant before becoming an animator. I definitely agree that the animation is worse compared to the final MGM releases but at least in the early days of the HB studio there was some expressive takes in the animation, but by the mid-1960s the animation in the studio was stiff and lifeless.

Thad said...

I get slightly nostalgic over Jinks and Yogi, who I sorta liked as a kid. But the cartoons are shit now (though I still sorta like Mike Lah's poses here). When I had the DVD set, I noticed how EVERY cartoon was timed exactly seven minutes, fifteen seconds. "Mechanical" anyone?

Anonymous said...

"Comedy Suspense" by Jack Shaindlin isn';t in there, it's "Zany Comedy" by Seely/Loose. It was used in "Weasel While your Work" and "Hook, Line and Stinker" (two of the WB shorts suing stock music). The untitled piece is most likely a Jack Shaindlin piece, and it';s very common on those.
-Steve C.

Kevin Langley said...

I knew if anyone would have a correction it would be you Steve :) I thought the untitled one sounded like a Shaindlin piece too.

Anonymous said...

I sayeth....:
"... (two of the WB shorts suing stock music). "

Of coruse I meant USING.:)

Steve Carras aka Steve C.

Yowp said...

The missing cue at 1:29 is Shaindlin's 'On the Run.'