Friday, July 11, 2008

Disney's "Mother Goose Goes To Hollywood" Model Sheets

"Mother Goose Goes To Hollywood" is probably my favorite of the Silly Symnphonies, mostly because the caricatures are so great. Here's some model sheets that I've had sitting on my hard drive.


Andy J. Latham said...

Another great batch from a great cartoon!

Ho must have a hard drive filled just with model sheets! I have a lot, but only a tiny fraction of what you must have! Actually most of mine have come from this blog anyway.

Yeah, I love these caricatures. Another favourite of mine is "Mickey's Polo Team" for the same reason.

Caricatures are great in their own right but what makes animation so fantastic is that you can caricature a person's movement too.

CartoonSteve said...

Awesome! I guess these are T Hee caricatures? I see his name credited for story. Amazing how the Spencer Tracy one looks like a Mort Drucker drawing.

CartoonSteve said...

As Joe E. Brown says: "Oh boy! I just found it online:

Heres a short lineup:
Katherine Hepburn, Marx Brothers, W. C. Fields, Charles Laughton, Spencer Tracy, Laurel and Hardy, Edward G. Robinson, Clark Gable, Fred Astaire, Greta Garbo... and Fats Waller and the great Cab CALLOWAY. It's been nominated for the Oscars... but it went to Ferdinand the Bull.

Greg said...

Hey Kevin, thanks so much for once again sharing these great model sheets with everyone, they are such a great tool for us developing animators! I love the techniques these animators use to bring such humor to the silver screen! Again thank you for sharing them with us.


Thad said...

Awesome- thanks for sharing. You got most of T. Hee's good ones for this cartoon (his Eddie Cantor and black musician caricatures are really bad).

Whenever asked about his time at Warners, T. Hee would exclaim, "THAT whorehouse?!" Woddaguy.

J. J. Hunsecker said...

These are excellent! Thanks for sharing!

pablo pablo said...

Simply amazing!

Duck Dodgers said...

I've always been able to locate the books from which your scans come from.
This time I'm quite puzzled.

Kevin Langley said...

These ones were up for auction on Ebay some time back. The seller was kind enough to put up fairly good quality pics.