Friday, July 18, 2008

Dick Lundy - "Impossible Possum"

I've mentioned before that Michael Lah is one of my favorite animators, and "Impossible Possum" has some great Lah animation in it. Particularly the dance scene. I might be in the minority on this one, but I really love Lundy's Barney Bear shorts. Maybe it's because it's basically Tex's unit.

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Josh Lieberman said...

Thanks for posting this. Lah's my favorite animator as well, and I'd never seen this cartoon before. Its incredible, that dance scene is hillarious. My favorite Barney by far.

There's some incredible Lah animation in Cat Fishing (Tom and Jerry). I never liked Tom and Jerry's until I saw this one, its the best Michael Lah work outside of Tex Avery MGM's.