Monday, June 25, 2007

Popeye - "Blunder Below"

I'm going to break up the Famous Studios backgrounds posts as it's taking me forever to organize all the frame grabs. I'll post some more of them in a day or two, hopefully you'll find them of interest. Anyway, I haven't really posted much of anything Popeye related so I figure I'll start with one of my favorite Popeye shorts, "Blunder Below" which was animated/directed by Dave Tendlar and released in 1942. Also, here's a really great model sheet from the same year. I'm don't know who drew it but those are some great poses.


Masked Stinker said...

I have some Fleischer Popeye related modelsheets.
Now that I have a high-speed connection, I'd be willing to send some your way.
Might be a good way to celebrate the upcoming DVD release.

Kevin Langley said...

Sweet! I have some but I don't think they're from any cartoon in particular, maybe not even from the studio. I don't know where they're from. I love them, I was going to post those crappy ones when the DVD came out if you've got good ones I'd love it. Thanks pal!

Anonymous said...

I would be super stoked if you could post more Popeye model sheets.

Masked Stinker said...

I'll get to this weekend.
You still have the same email address?

Kevin Langley said...

Yeah, it's still the same email. Thanks a lot!