Thursday, June 28, 2007

Famous Studios Backgrounds-Joe Dommerque

Here's some screenshots of some of Joe Dommerque's backgrounds. He was at Famous from 1953 until 1957 (as far as I know) so he's not credited on many shorts. His backgrounds from "Hair Today Gone Tomorrow" are really great. I've only got a few screenshots as I don't have all the shorts he worked on, besides I don't feel like staying up all night uploading the assload of images I have for Anton Loeb or Robert Little. I'll save those for another day.

"Hair Today Gone Tomorrow"-1954

"Hide And Peak"-1956

"Spree Lunch"-1957


Anonymous said...

Does this mean no more Scewy Squirrel posts?Darn, I was looking foward to Screwball Squirrel

Kevin Langley said...

Absolutely not, I post the last one really soon.

J. J. Hunsecker said...

Hi Kevin,

Do you have any information about Joe Dommerque's career? Did he work at any other studio besides Famous?

I like the examples from the first cartoon, Hair Today Gone Tomorrow, but I'm not too crazy about the ones from the last two cartoons.

(Wasn't Spree Lunch a remake of an earlier Fleischer cartoon?)

Kevin Langley said...

J.J.- I haven't been able to find out much of anything about Dommerque. If I can find anything I'll update this post. I'm very interested in seeing more of his work. Mostly based on the backgrounds in "Hair Today". They are definetly way better than the other examples. Unfortunately, I don't have the few other shorts to post examples from.

Yes, "Spree Lunch" was a remake of 1934s "We Aim To Please" That one was the first cartoon that Wimpy said "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today."

MatDerRan said...

That's such an amazing transition of style.