Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Chuck Jones - "Feed The Kitty"

My sons have quite the appetite for classic cartoons. But my four year old is already showing signs of become a cartoon junkie like his old man. He's always going through my DVD collection and asking to watch everything from Woody Woodpecker to Barney Bear to Herman and Katnip. We've been on Droopy overload at home since the DVD came out. He carries a damn Droopy beany with him whenever we go out. Which is fine with me since I'm a Tex Avery fanatic. For some reason he never showed much interest in Warner shorts but over the last week or so he's finally discovered Bugs Bunny and the rest of the Looney Tunes crew. In particular he's hooked on Chuck Jones' "Feed The Kitty". After watching for the hundredth time I realized I had a model sheet from the short so I figured I'd post it. Now, does anyone have any idea how to explain to him that there aren't any Pussyfoot toys? His answer is "We can get it at the Pussyfoot thtore."

This guy digs the classics


Thad K said...

How sweet!

They actually DO make Pussyfoot merchandise but it's all aimed at girls! (like Tweety)

queefy said...

These are awesome

Looney Moon Cartoons said...

Feed the Kitty is such an awesome cartoon. Thanks for putting this stuff up. Kids love classic cartoons, I don't understand why they are never on TV anymore. The networks could save money putting them on since they are already made. When I was a kid I watched hours of classic cartoons, its a sad state of affairs that they are not on anymore.

ryan said...

great model sheets