Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Marty Taras

Here's a two page Baby Huey story by Famous Studios animator Marty Taras from Little Audrey #27. It's up for auction but the price is too steep for this guy.


Chris Signore said...

Gots to admit, the Famous Studios Comics did have some fab artists to pen 'em. And like how we had a change of villainy in the form of the bear rather than the fox.

Thanks for sharin'!

Mykal Banta said...

Great stuff. Taras needs more attention, as do all the Harvey guys. I'm off to find out the price but only to let me jaw drop in amazement at the price.

Kevin Langley said...

Chris, Famous had some great artists, too bad to bad the stories relied on the same formula over and over.

Hi Mykal, yeah the prices are pretty high. Though I would have no idea what the true value of the art is. At least they were scanned at a decent resolution.

There's some nice Steve Muffatti pages up for bid as well.

J Lee said...

Beautiful drawing on the bear by Taras -- the next to last image of him dazed and laid out like a rug has a facial expression similar to the ones Jack Hannah was using over at Disney on his Humphrey Bear cartoons

Jack G. said...
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