Sunday, August 01, 2010

Heckle & Jeckle - "Steeple Jacks"

Here's another Terrytoon with great Jim Tyer animation. Tyer's animation starts at about the one minute mark and he also animates the last scene as well. Tyer was without a doubt one of the funniest animators ever. I can't get enough of him.

Steeple Jacks
Uploaded by klangley


WIL BRANCA said...

Sooooo GREAT!!!

Yowp said...

Hurray! The Terry Splash and the Terry Brake Squeal! Twice.
I like the little angular run at 1:22 but the cement mixer scene is crazy.
I gather that's Tyer's take after the bulldog's shoes are nailed to the the board at 1:51.
Did Carlo Vinci do the bit when the bulldog falls from the unicycle and is tickled on the rope at about the 4:30 mark?

Kevin Langley said...

I'm not to keen on picking out Vinci's animation outside of his dance scenes but I think you're right, Yowp.

Unknown said...

Love the new banner, Kevin!