Saturday, February 20, 2010


Just a couple of random things. A couple of those cool background paintings from the opening of the Mighty Mouse Cartoon "Stop, Look, and Listen". Plus a clip from "The Scarlet Pumpernickel" where (out of boredom) I sped up Sylvester's voice to match Daffy's and slowed down Daffy's to match Sylvester's.

Uploaded by klangley


Steven M. said...

Oh my God! Sylvesters inhaled too much helium!

Daniel [] said...

According to Jones, the voices for Daffy Duck and Sylvester were modelled on that of Leon Schlesinger.

Thad said...

You know, I still couldn't hear Sylvester as Daffy or Daffy as Sylvester in that clip. I just heard Sylvester as Sylvester and Daffy as Daffy. That's how amazing Mel Blanc was. (The scene was animated by Ken Harris, as evidenced by the perfect lips ync.)

James E. Daniels said...

That's a great reversal. Mel Blanc was a genius with his voice. I assume that Mel's voice was sped up for both Speedy and Tweety as well?

Anthony C. said...

To keep the random attitude going, mind sharing what settings you used in w/e program?

I've been able to do Sylvester easily for years, but could never quite nail the Daffy Duck impression...I knew before that it was sped up, but I at least thought he spoke higher by default for Daffy.

Why do I ask? I dunno, I do voice as extensively as my animation....hey this is random already right? :-) Usually I use Adobe Audition for pitch shift.