Saturday, May 16, 2009

Jim Tyer - "A Merry Chase"

Here's some screen shots of some amazing Jim Tyer animation from the Heckle & Jeckle short "A Merry Chase". I've also posted the cartoon itself and a clip of just Tyer's animation that has been slowed down so we can see each drawing in action. For the really wild animation I slowed it down to about 10% of the original speed. Check out the ass whoopin' Dimwit lays upon the bulldog near the end of the clip. Awesome!


Jack G. said...

That's a good H&J.

Seeing Tyer's animation slowed down tells me that Tyer wasn't out of control or arbitrary with what he was doing.

Too bad Tyer didin't hook up with the Clampett unit. (It's hard to believe Tyer worked at Disney as an effects animator for a spell.)

Keven, you gotta stick some Tyer-inpired animation in your new project.

Thad said...

GREATNESS!! I wish my 16mm projector's silent speed would work, I'd love to view Tyer animation that way.

Ryan Khatam said...

hahaha crazy screen grabs. jim tyer yes.

PJS said...

Thanks a zillion for posting this!

david said...

whoa awesome! thanks for that slo-motion part. thats really cool. i still can't figure out how he does it.. BUT HE DOES!! thanks again!!