Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sniffles and The Bookworm Model Sheets

I'm sure there aren't too many rabid Sniffles fans out there considering how those cartoons pale in comparison to Chuck Jones' later shorts. Though I figured I'd post them as they're really solid drawings. Something I need to improve upon in my own crap.


Kevin W. Martinez said...

Happy Birthday, Kevin (well, OTHER Kevin).

The one thing I admire most about these Jones unit models is their intricate detail. It gives the cute designs something of an edge

Ross Irving said...

Oh, it was your birthday recently? Then happy birthday, Kevin! Sorry I called you "Thad" on another post, I got you guys mixed up.

I was wondering, do you have the Frank Tashlin cartoon "Unruly Hare"? I saw a short little clip of it and it looks neat. Thanks for uploading these model sheets, too.

sdestefano said...

actually, I consider myself a rabid Sniffles fan (true, there aren't many of us out there, mainly for good reason), so I appreciate your posting these!
Stephen deStefano

sdestefano said...

actually, I'm one of the few, the proud, the Sniffles fans (proud? maybe....), so I do of course appreciate your posting these.

D Gill said...

concerning Sniffles,
Charles Thorson's my favourite, I think he needs more recognition from the internet animation historian blog crowd!(or a mention, mind you I guess he didn't do this model sheet in particular)

Kevin Langley said...

I'm not sure whether he drew this model sheet or not. Though it's possible since he designed the character.