Saturday, August 25, 2007

Flip The Frog - "The Office Boy"

Just one of my favorite Flip the Frog cartoons to hold you over until I get around to scanning a couple of things.


Anonymous said...

With reading alot of Iwwerks (he later on dropped that second 'w'), and his character, Flip the Frog. But never had I layed eyes on any of those cartoons. Thanks for posting this one.

Here are some interesting tidbits about Ub Iwerks:

-In 1916, he dropped out of high school and spent that time, until 1919, at the Bank Note Company.

- In October of that year, he was hired as an apprentice, as a commercial artist by the Pesmen - Rubin Agency; another apprentice hired around the same time was a young Walter Elias Disney, and the two became good, fast friends

- What Walt had seen in Iwerks, especially in those earlier days, having the ability to draw with astonishing speed; it was an ability that meant he (Ub) was tailor made to be an animator.

Maybe I should do a post on Iwerks, after I finish with the third, final Popeye post. What do you think, Kevin?

Sherm said...

"The Office Boy" was pure cartoony joy... Thanks so much for posting that!

Looney Moon Cartoons said...

That was a lot of fun. He really showed a lot of the receptionist's legs and ass. I have a feeling you couldn't get away with stuff like that anymore, like when the boss slaps her ass (hilarious).

Thad K said...

So. Much. Ass.

Thanks for reacquainting me with this classic!!!

Kevin Langley said...

Bruce- I think a post on Iwerks would be great. Not too many people seem to post about him. Considering what a career he had it would be a good read.

So. Much. Ass.

Greatest comment ever. Ever.

Marlo Meekins said...

if i didnt say before, you have an excellent blog to study from. great shit. thanks man

benj said...

UB Iwerks is the BEST!!!
& Office Boy is my favorite too!!:D

joost said...

Hi Bruce,
flip is great,

maybe you seen the docuentary, the hand behind the mouse, by lesly iwerks, his granddaughter.
if not you should try to see it.
also you can buy dvds with all flip the frogs on them they're great.

Severin said...

Great cartoon. I love Flip Frog. One of my favorites. Music Lesson & Room Runners are also alot of fun.