Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tex Avery - Lonesome Lenny

I'm going to keep the Screwy cartoons coming over the next couple of posts for those of you who enjoy them. "Lonesome Lenny" was released in 1946 and would be Screwy's last appearance. After four Screwy cartoons were released between 1944 and 1945 it seems that interest in Screwy started to wane and that was probably the main reason he didn't appear in any other cartoons. I think this cartoon has the greatest chase scene ever on film. Enjoy and check out the Screwy Squirrel label for some model sheets and animation art from some older posts.


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot, klangley! I know its ridiculous, but I always get a little upset about the ending, knowing that was his last appearance. Not a bad cartoon, though. Love the hallway chase gag.

Kasey said...

Do you have a favorite Screwy short, klangely?

Michael J. Ruocco said...

Your right, it is the best chase scene ever.

This cartoon has some of the best gags, hands down. The hallway chase, the "old bag" gag, the horseshoe routine, they're all hilarious.

It is a shame Screwy didn't star in any more cartoons. He had a lot of potential in him, screwy as he is.

Kevin Langley said...

It's pretty hard for me to pick a favorite. I guess I flip flop between "Screwy Truant" and "Lonesome Lenny".

I'm glad you guys enjoyed it. I'll post the others soon too.

Ryan Khatam said...

Lonesome Lenny is my FAVORITE Screwy Squirrel cartoon!!!!!!!!! it's got awesome gags in it!

one of my favorites is the awesome timing to when screwy looks all casually (while eating nuts) at the ugly lady & then screams all crazy flying back against the wall

Tex Avery was a mother fucking genius.

I think my fav. tex cartoon of all time is Doggone Tired. HILARIOUS expressions & super tired/sleep deprived acting in that one. HAHAHA and when at the beginning the dog is all super excited & happy and running all over the place like a spaz. I LOVE IT

Kevin Langley said...

Yeah, Tex's timing was genius. I love when he keeps building a gag and it keeps getting wilder and wilder. Like the chase scene in this one or all of "King-Size Canary".

I don't know if I could pick a favorite Tex short, they're all great. "Rock-a-bye Bear" is really cracks me up no matter how many times I watch it, and I watch it whole lot. I'm going to have to post the model sheet for "Doggone Tired", some of those great expressions are on there.

Kevin W. Martinez said...

Love the Typical Doggy-puns that graze the first few seconds of this short.

And I'm guessing eitherBbradley or Tex was a fan of The Wizard of Oz considering how "If I Only Had a Brain accompanies various parts of this short"

Anonymous said...

I think that Screwy Squirrel didn't die in his last short. Lonesome had the squirrel in his hand and said "Move no more", but Squirrel was living. He hold a sign sayng "SAD ENGING AIN'T IT"?.
It's only a simple joke showing the last Squirrel`s cartoon

Unknown said...

...and as such, anticipating the ending to "What's Opera, Doc?"