Monday, February 20, 2006

Welcome to mediocrity!!

Welcome to my Blog! I'm hoping to document the production of what may end up being a very crappy amateur cartoon. This will be my first cartoon, but I'm hoping to use this blog as tool to keep me focused on finishing it. It's inpsired by a great cartoonist Nick Cross who's "Plog" has been documenting his lastest short film. With so many blogs out there I wasn't going to bother since I don't have the skills anywhere near some of the artists I've seen, but I thought maybe the fact that I'm an amateur would make it a little interesting. Or at the very least people would have someone they could tell "You suck." Hopefully, I'll get a lot of feedback that will help me to improve my drawing and animating skills (if I have any.)
I started working on this cartoon last summer. I haven't had much time too work on it in a while but I'm trying to get more motivated to get some more done. I've completed the storyboard and what I call an animatic. My stepson and I recorded the dialouge, and next I would like to try and move on to layout. I guess I should mention what the poor cartoon will be about. The main character is a kid named Goober Sleave (I don't know, I just like it) who is on his way to the comic book store and runs into a little trouble with some flowers and bees along the way. Hopefully there's a gag or too that will make people laugh. I'll start posting some of the storyboard soon. Thanks for looking!

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