Monday, April 07, 2008

Popeye - "Klondike Casanova"

I'm a pretty big fan of most all the Famous Studios shorts I've seen, in spite of the shortcomings of a lot of them. Though during the first few years after the studio's formation they released some pretty damn good cartoons. The animation is really great in a lot them. The early Popeye and Little Lulu shorts being the best, IMO. "Klondike Casanova" has some great animation in it, courtesy of Johnny Gentilella. Popeye's voice was provided by Harry Foster Welch as Jack Mercer had been drafted by the Army.

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Hans Grotz said...

To tell the truth ,Popeye is the only Famous cartoon that I really apreciate and I do it a lot.As a Kid I did not Knew Popeye came from the same studio that did the(for me)unappealing "Harveytoons".