Thursday, April 10, 2008

Chuck Jones - "Case Of The Missing Hare"

I forgot I posted this on Dailymotion the other day. Does anyone know if Art Heinemann was still part of Jones' unit when this short was made? The color styling seems very similar to his other work with Jones and even with Shamus Culhane at Lantz. If not his influence is rather obvious.


n said...

hi pal, i read always your blog and it's great!

i have a question, my mother language is spanish and i have a doubt from a long time ago

what does HARE means?

i think all chuck jones' work have hare in the title and i don't find anyone who, here in argentina, know what it means

thanks in advance and keep doing great posts

Kevin Langley said...

Hi n, Hare is just a type of rabbit. I think it's larger than a regular ol' rabbit.

christopher said...

One of my favorites when I was little! I really love this early 40's design for Bugs. This incarnation seems to make the most Groucho references too. Did anyone notice how Bugs has 5 fingers when his hand is sniffing for the carrot?

Kevin, there is a photo of Unit A from 1942 in Chuck Amuck that features Art. I think that is the same year this cartoon was released.

ryan said...

I had this on a bugs bunny vhs tape as a kid. It was good seeing it again. I love the awesome opening pan of all the fliars!