Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dexter's Lab - "Changes"

I haven't posted many recently, or somewhat recently made cartoons since Bill Wray's King Crab. Which I have to go back and repost since it was taken down from Youtube. I like Dexter's Lab but I really wish the whole series would've have maintained the livelier animation that was done in the pilot episodes. Watch this episode and compare it with one that will probably be on during the "Cartoon Cartoon" show this weekend. I think you'll surprised how much better this one is. I believe the first season was released on DVD in Australia and Europe recently, but why not here? I'd buy it. Hell, I love those Justice Friends cartoons.

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Mitch L said...

Hee it looks better animated than I rembered from years ago!

Is the pilot better animated becausethe first where episodes animated in the USA and the rest outside?

Kasey said...

Woah! That was an unexpected post. Good cartoon, though.
I never really understood why shows like this started off with loose animation, but got stiffer as the show went on (Spongebob is another example of this).

Charlie J. said...

Awesome dude? Do you have any Perriwinkle Platypus cartoons?

Kevin Langley said...

Mitch- I'm not sure where this short was animated but I suspect that you're probably right. It looks to me like Genndy probably had more direct involvement in the layout and animation.

Charlie- Are you talking about those few Aaron Springer shorts they showed a couple of years ago? I saw them when they aired and have been trying to get a hold of them ever since.

pablo said...

Hi, my name is Pablo and I'm an animator from Argentina. I haven't work on it , but I know that a part of this pilot was animated here in my country, in the Jaime Diaz's studio, that doesn`t exist anymore. This studio worked for Hanna -Barbera in the late 80's and early 90's.
Kevin, thank you very much for this blog, is fantastic . And sorry for my english!!

Kevin Langley said...

Thanks for the info Pablo, glad to hear you like the blog.

John Pannozzi said...

The pilots of Dexter's Lab, the PowerPuff Girls and Cow & Chicken all had much better animation than the actual shows IMHO.

BTW, one of the PowerPuff pilots was animated (at least partially) by Animal House in Japan.