Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Andy Panda - Playful Pelican Model Sheet

I found this model sheet from Dick Lundy's short "Playful Pelican" on my hard drive. Honestly, I didn't even remember having this one otherwise I would've posted it with the others. I'm glad I found it, I was just thinking to myself the other day that I wanted to get a hold of one with this particular design. Sorry it's not the highest resolution, this is definetly one I found online somewhere.


Tony said...

Hey Kevin,
I will copy this modellsheet and study those expressions.

Nice key poses on your other blog!

See you soon

ryan said...


Anonymous said...

Nice model sheets but low resolution scan.

Kevin Langley said...

-Thanks for the compliment Tony.

-It is a great model sheet. I wish I had a higher resolution scan of it. I found it online, usually my own scans are higher resolution than this.

Mike Matei said...

my goal in life is to own every andy panda comic book made by dell.

HenriekeG said...

I'm loving your blog, thanks for posting all this!
Funny how this version of Andy Panda looks exactly like the Mickey from the early 40s:

Kevin Langley said...

Yeah, that's because Fred Moore redesigned him after coming over from Disney.

tobor68 said...

is this one the woody woodpecker and friends dvd that was just released last year?

is it an easter egg? i could have sworn it was on that dvd but i couldn't find it on any one.

is this on dvd and if so what one?

sweet blog btw.


Kevin Langley said...

Sean, yup it's on Vol.1. It's on one of the extras. It's part of the Spook-a-nanny special feature on disc 2.

tobor68 said...

thanks! this was making me crazy. i thought i hallucinated the whole thing.