Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Tex Avery Goodies

I'm a huge fan of Tex Avery's MGM shorts. My favorite cartoon is "The Shooting of Dan Magoo." I thought I'd share some model sheets and layouts. Just give 'em a click for larger pics.


JohnK said...

Hey this is a cool site!

Why don't you post the Irv Spence models that he did for Tex?

Slap Happy Lion, Red Hot Rangers, King Size Canary etc.

I love those.

Your pal,


Kevin Langley said...

Wow! Thanks for looking. I'm a huge fan of yours. I posted some more over on but not the Irv Spence ones. I was actually going to scan some more this week. I'll post those ones tomorrow. I'll plug the DVD too while I'm at it.

:: smo :: said...

hey man! this stuff is incredible! where did you get it all?!

thank you so much!

:: smo ::

Kevin Langley said...

The model sheets are mostly from John Canmaker's book Tex Avery:MGM Years. It's out of print now but it pops up on ebay or once in awhile. If you see it get it! It's a beautiful book. It can get a little pricey. I've also got another out of print book by Patrick Brion called Tex Avery Les Dessins. It's french, but it's a book of layouts, model sheets and animation drawings. It's great because every image is oversized. There's even a 6 page layout from the Car of Tomorrow in the middle. He aslo published a Tom and Jerry guide to all the theatrical shorts with some layouts in it. I'll keep 'em coming until I run out.