Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Scene Test (revised 3/30)

I've finised animating some more of this scene. I've still gotta finish that walk cycle. It's kinda boring without color so I'm going to really try and finish up and start inking and "painting" all of this. I threw in the music and sound FX to give me a better idea of how the scene will play. I'm pretty happy with the little parts that are fully animated, the end when Goob zips off the screen is nice and stretchy. As always any comments/critiques are appreciated. If anyone wants more Tex Avery layouts let me know and I'll scan some more from some books I have.


Joe said...

OMG... I'm LMFAO!!!!!!!! Dude, that rocks!

Kevin Langley said...

Thanks. I haven't had any more time to finish it though. Maybe I'll do a little this weekend.

wifey said...

honey your so friggin talented its makin me hot!!