Monday, May 10, 2010

Harvey Eisenberg - Super Rabbit #12

Here's a story by Harvey Eisenberg from Super Rabbit #12 published in 1948. I was unaware that Eisenberg drew for Timely Comics so this story was a real treat. Especially in comparison to the art in the rest of the comic. From the first page I could tell by the posing and staging that it was Eisenberg, only after looking up info on Super Rabbit did I find out he worked on some of the comics. Guess I'll have to start hunting down Timely comics now in hopes of finding even more of his work.


Roberto Severino said...

I saw Toots in one of those panels, and hinges are a weird thing for little kids to want to steal.

Seriously, These comics should be hung in a museum. These drawings are so dynamic and fun.

Daniel [] said...