Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Tex Avery - "Doggone Tired"

Here's a model sheet and layout drawing by Louie Schmitt from Tex Avery's classic "Doggone Tired". Yes, when you come here everything Tex did is considered a classic. There's some great animation from Bobe Cannon who worked for Tex briefly. I wish he had stayed with Tex. His animation in the few shorts he worked on at MGM is some of my favorite work by any animator.


Kasey said...

"Yes, when you come here, everything Tex did is considered classic".
Even Kwicky Koala? =P
Anyways, Bobe Cannon is probaly my favorite of all the animators to work for Tex (Mike Lah gets second place).

Kevin Langley said...

OK, well maybe not everything. I can't be convinced that there's a bad cartoon he did for MGM though.

El polaco scalerandi said...

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Josh Lieberman said...

Thanks for posting this. I agree, Avery's MGM cartoons are the greatest, each a classic in their own right.

Which scenes in particular did Bobe animate here?

ryan said...

This cartoon is in my top 5 averys. The enthusiasm of the dog at the beginning is insanely funny.

Anonymous said...

Goodness, just what would you post about if you were to eventually posted all of Avery's shorts? ;)

Kevin Langley said...

Judging by my lack of updates recently I'd say not much. ;)

LUCAf said...

This short is a masterpiece.....
The scene when the Master wakes
up and wakes the dog up, then
the dog makes that U turn and goes back to bed.....
makes me lough every time I think about it.
The plot is simple and to the point....usual for Tex,
the beginning with the "twice"
explained story point
(the master tells the dog that
if he doesn´t get a good night sleep, he wan´t be able to catch the fox.....and he does it twice, so is dead cleat to the audience),
the middle with the usual gag to gag continuation, and the funny end, sometimes with a twist.
Sooo funny.
The only short that is a bit different than the rest,
on this matter, seems to be
"One cab´s family"......
there Tex seems went a bit
deeper in the character´s emotion and didn´t take the usual sarcastic
Great short too, thought!!!!!