Thursday, April 26, 2007

Fox and Crow - "The Magic Fluke"

Here's a fine John Hubley cartoon. I believe this was the second Fox and Crow cartoon made under UPA. I'm not the biggest UPA fan but I do really enjoy their earlier cartoons. Especially the Fox and Crow shorts and Gerald McBoing Boing.


JohnK said...

Hi Kevin

I love the look of this cartoon. It'd be neat to compare it to Magical Maestro.

Hey, do you have the other UPA Fox and Crow-the Robin Hood one?

Kevin Langley said...

Hi John,

I agree the first two UPA Fox and Crow shorts look fantastic. Bobe Cannon's animation is great in the opening scene. I'm not sure if Pat Matthews animated on this one. I have a tough time picking out his work outside of Lantz. I'd have to compare it to his scene in Robin Hoodlum.

I have Robin Hoodlum too and also Punchy De Leon, though it doesn't measure up to the first two. I guess there were different animators on that short. I don't know.

I have to say Magical Maestro is far and away so much funnier than this short. That's a good idea to compare the two. I'll have to encode "Maestro" and put it up.